There are many reasons to join a Golf club. You may just want to play more golf to improve your game, or get better value for money by paying for an annual subscription, you may want to be more competitive or you may be looking to get involved in a club atmosphere and meet new people.  You may be looking to keep active, a round of golf alone will get you around 10,000 steps which is recommended for keeping active.  Golf membership is a great sport for men & women of all ages.

You can become a member here at any point in the year, your membership will run from the beginning of the month that you join.   Once a member you will be able to play at West Mids or at Widney Manor as many times as you like within the restrictions of the type of membership that you choose.  You will be able to book a tee time up to three months in advance, you will receive 10% discount off shop, bar & restaurant purchases and you will be able to obtain an official handicap and play in club competitions.

Why Join here?

The West Midlands Golf Club is a friendly, family run club located between Coventry & Birmingham.  The course is a modern club open to players of all abilities and ages, with a friendly informal approach.  Any category that you join on will also allow you to play at Widney Manor Golf Club.

We keep the course open as much as possible, with no temporary greens (unless frosty), no temporary tees, and buggies are kept going all year round thanks to our permanent buggy path.  Upon joining you will be able to obtain an official club handicap, which will be accepted anywhere in the world, you will be able to play in competitions year round on Mondays (Seniors over 50), Wednesdays for Men and Ladies, and Saturdays and Sundays for Men.

Membership prices
Junior Membership
Junior Golf Membership

Midweek & Senior Membership
Senior Golf Membership

This price is a new member offer, for new players, the renewal price will be as above Category 5.  For husband & wife couples you may take 20% discount off this price.

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