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Green fees
Book on our website and receive £5pp discount at either West Mids or Widney Manor.  The prices shown include the discount already, you do not need to add a promotion code.  (If you can't make your tee time just call us giving 24 hours notice and we will move it for you, or hold it until you are able to rebook).

You can book a buggy online, just book your golf first and it it to your basket then go back to the start and book your buggy for the same time.

Buggies cost £20 for two people (£25 peak), but if you are in a 3 ball, you can book a second buggy at 1/2 price so you all pay the same price per person.  Please note prices are subject to change, please check the price displayed online when booking.  To book a third person buggy (1/2 price) please call the club with code P2, West Mids 01675 444890  Widney Manor 0121 704 0704



2022 midweek Phone Online
7am - 2pm £31 £26
2pm - 4pm £27 £22
After 4pm £20 £15

2022 weekend

Phone Online
6am - 7am £37 £32
7am - 10am £42 £37
10am - 12pm £37 £32
12pm - 2pm £32 £27
2pm - 4pm £27 £22
After 4pm £20 £15

Further discounts

Senior Citizens (60+) and Juniors (-16)

We offer discounted rates for Seniors and Juniors and they can now be booked online. Select the tee time for the amount of Seniors that you have and use the code SJ1 at checkout. 

If you have a mixed group made up of, for example 2 seniors and 2 adults, first check availability for a 4 ball, when you find a time that you would like to book, go back and select 2 players and reselect the tee time that you found, and use the code SJ1, add to basket then go to the same date and time and book another 2 players, but don't enter the code this time.

Split payments
If you do not want to pay for all of the players in the group, you can book in individually, just agree the time that you are playing and each player can book online and pay for themselves, the system will put you in the same tee time.  (tip - request a fourball to make sure there is no-one else booked on the tee time, then change back to a single to book).


Tee times
Single players or two balls will be paired up into larger groups.  This will be done automatically by the computer, so we wont inform you until you arrive at the club.

Rules of golf
Please play "ready golf", first player ready can play, you do not have to play furthest from the hole, or have "the honour".

When you are at the club please note that we no longer take cash, so lease bring a contactless payment card.

Driving Range
The range is open at the same times as the golf course and is now also contactless payments, so please use your contactless card at the ball cabin.

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